Mbuji-Mayi, Republic of Congo


Mbuji-mayi is one of the many cities of Democratic Republic of Congo. The city is the third largest city in the country and was founded back in 1914.The name "Mbuji-mayi" in the local language of the city means "Goat" and "Water" respectively. The city was named so as it served as the prime watering spot for the numerous goats in the region.


     As per the Koppen-Geiger climate classification system, the climate of Mbuji-mayi is tropical wet and dry.


     The city is moderately populated and has a population of 35,00,000 people.


     Tshiluba, the local language of the city is mostly spoken by the citizens.


     Mbuji-mayi has been one of the major diamond producers in the world. The citizens have been actively involved in the process of diamond production through mining and panning.

Reaching Mbuji-mayi:

     The Mbuji Mayi Airport makes the city pretty much accessible to its visitors.

Staying in Mbuji-mayi:

    The lodgings in Mbuji-mayi are quite cheap. The place provides its visitors with ample of options to make themselves feel comfortable during their stay in the city. Here are some of the best hotels which can let you enjoy a homely stay at an affordable price:

    Motel Nkumbi Kumbi

    Hotel Bassora

    GKT Hotel

Major Attractions:

    In the city of Mbuji-mayi, the security has always been an issue but the conditions seem to be improving now. The place can serve as a treat for the wildlife lovers as the visitors can get much of it here. Wildlife lovers can enjoy exploring and observing the wild creatures indigenous to Mbuji-mayi and the lowland gorillas.

    Active volcanoes, national parks and trekking mountains are some of the possible ways to let the adrenaline rush going for the adventure seeking people.

     This place is surely worth one's time and money.